Moulding Profiles

Custom Profiles From Cambridge, Massachusetts

Stock profiles

The link below contains all the profiles we keep in inventory on the shelf. These are all the mouldings we have in stock. This should be your first stop when trying to match something and your only stop if starting a new project from scratch

At Anderson & McQuaid Company, Inc, we have a catalog of custom profiles that have been created over our 60 years in business. These profiles generally take two weeks to complete on a per-order basis. As these are custom we do not have samples available. Also while they are less expensive than custom from scratch, as we have already created the tooling, they will still be in most cases dramatically more in cost than the profiles we have in stock. If you can't find something in our stock or custom profile catalogs our team can also create an exact replica of the moulding you are looking for. This type of custom work also takes two weeks to complete please feel free to contact us with any questions. Please look at our stock moulding profile through the link at the top of this page first before looking at these, more than likely we already have what you need.

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